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Friday, May 14, 2010

~made by ibu, with added lurves..~

Salam all..
manage to finish her dress for tomorrow..
cepat sembuh ye cinta hati ibu...sayang kamu sangat2..


ayda said...

cantik.....suka kt fabric ni...ceria

Anonymous said...

sgt cantik kak..
nnt bile dh ade baby girl, bleh la tempah ngn kak..


Dda Ly said...

ayda : tnx! :) thanks for visiting though..

adik nuyu..: hehe cecepat produce baby girl ye dik..:) thanks!

dawn said...

hi dda ly..

happy mothers day to u..hope u had a wonderful moment that day. wow..the dress is so lovely.u really know how to mix match..love to see ur sewing product ;)

Dda Ly said...

thanks dawn..:) the fabric is really nice though..

Dawn said...

yeah..the fabric is lovely :)..btw, i hv put ur handmade in the blog,hope you dont mind :)..oh if u hv any request other fabric designer, do let me know,will try to put in the blog maybe ;)

Dda Ly said...

ok, thanks again dawn..of course i don't mind...will let u know if i need ather fabric k?:)

Memey Anuar said...

dydd, mana beli fabric ni? sukaa!